Tis the Season For Musher’s Secret Dog Paw Wax

Snow in the High Sierra and across the Rocky Mountains. It is time to stock up on Musher’s Secret. Keep you dogs healthy this winter and protect their paws with Musher’s Secret Wax. Apply liberally on the pads and between toes to create a semi permeable protective barrier. Made from organic and natural waxes, Musher’s Wax works like a bootie but better. No chance of your dog losing a bootie in the snow. A proven and effective healing balm for your dog’s paws.

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Greetings from the Sierras

Shake the winter blues and get outside! Snowshoeing is the fastest growing sport in the country for a variety of reasons.

Snowshoeing requires no particular skill. If you can hike, you can snowshoe.
Generally snowshoeing doesn’t require an admission fee.
You can take the dog and even the entire family from young to old.
Pack a lunch and a thermos of hot chocolate and you are set.
Good sturdy hiking boots and a gaiter are recommended footwear.
Outerwear to keep you warm and dry is also a good idea. Don’t forget the Musher’s Secret for the dog’s paws.

On a recent holiday I ventured away from the crowds at the local ski areas and explored the trails along highway 20. The snow was fresh and deep from the last storm coating the trees and creating a winter wonderland. All this was less than 30 minutes travel from Nevada City. At Omega Overlook I headed north out of the parking lot on a trail that paralleled the highway. I followed the trail and took the first left which looped around and headed back to the starting point. The view from the trail was spectacular. The trail can provide both silence and solitude as it winds deeper into the forest.
Snow Dragon near Omega Rest Stop
Further down the highway Steep Hollow, a nearby cross-country ski trail system marked by the Nordic Skiers of Nevada County, is located on Highway 20 just past the Alpha-Omega rest stop 18 miles east of Nevada City. For a wide open space try the area near Bowman Road. The Castle Peak area provides access to the backcountry via the Pacific Crest Trail. A Sno-Park pass is required to park for these trails.
Mountain Recreation has a full line of Atlas and MSR snowshoes, poles, and gaiters available. Rentals are $15 day and includes poles as well.
Guided tours are available from one of our professional guides. Call us at 530-477-8006.
On the snowshoe trail

Pet Secret Shopper review of Mushers Secret

Musher’s Secret from Wild Mountain Online


Wild Mountain Online

Musher's Secret

I don’t know about you, but I love a product that you can use for multiple purposes.  I like versatility and I like only having to carry one thing around that can prove helpful for many different situations.  My new discovery is Musher’s Secret from Wild Mountain OnlineMusher’s Secret is a dense, breathable barrier wax.  It was originally designed to protect the paws of sled dogs during extreme winter conditions.  It helps not only create a wall between the dog’s paws and the snow, but it also prevents snowballing in between the dog’s toes.

Musher’s Secret was soon put to use in different situations.  It has proven to be a reliable barrier and paw protectant for not only extremely cold conditions, but extremely hot one’s as well.  From snow to sand to hot pavement to hikes in the rocky forest Musher’s Secret will take care of it all.  AND not only that, but you can use it on other things as well, such as burns, scratches, fly bitten ears or any other open sore that needs to be protected.

Musher’s Secret is not only for dogs, humans can use it as well.  I used it for protection against a blister I obtained while running and a bee sting that my shoe kept rubbing against.  It worked famously for both of these issues.

Musher’s Secret is made using 100% natural waxes, is non-toxic and will not stain carpet.  Yes, I tested it out and this statement is indeed true, there were no marks on my carpet after applying this to my dog and letting him run around a room full of carpet.

You can purchase Musher’s Secret off the Wild Mountain Online website starting at about $13.00

If you think your product can pass the Secret Shopper test, send an email to: SecretShopperBlog@gmail.com.

Mushers Secret Wax Not Just For Winter

mushers secret not just for winterWant to keep your dog’s paws healthy this summer and afford some protection to the hot asphalt and sand that can get to temperatures over 100 degrees?

One of the things I find fascinating about Musher’s Secret is that it has the ability to form a semi permeable membrane that can protect the paw from salt, ice, road chemicals, hot sand, rocks and a myriad of other trail hazards. Used regularly Musher’s Secret can be a tremendous asset to your pet’s paw health.

     After all think about what it would be like to run barefoot on hot city sidewalks. We humans can barely make it 100 yards across the sand to the water on a hot day. Now realize why your dog is miserable walking on hot pavement during the summertime. Try just a little bit applied to the pads and between the toes. Your dog will THANK YOU for it!

Oh what fun it is to mush…

Rio and Lily wearing their dog coats in the snow.

The dogs had a great day cross country skiing in the Sangre de Cristos. We skied up Aspen Vista to the big rock and skied back. This was Lily’s first ski trip and she did pretty well. As long as the dogs stay behind the skiers then everything is ok. The problems occur if their paws get in the way of the skis. Rio learned that lesson long ago and had a stich or two. Of course we took plenty of Mushers Secret Wax.

Rio and Lily wearing their dog coats in the snow.

Mushing Dogs and Paw Protection

You don’t have to have Mushing Dogs to appreciate the value of Musher’s Secret Wax. Used regularly throughout the Winter, your dog’s paws will withstand the ice buildup and salt burn from walking the streets. Use Musher’s Wax on any outdoor venture like skiing and snowshoeing. It will protect your dog’s paws and they will enjoy romping in the snow even more! Check out the 200 gram size

Mushers Secret Wax

Mushers Secret Wax

, the best value for you money.