Meet Finn Our Newest Member of the Pack


Finn was born on February15th just a day shy of Valentines Day. After losing Rio, We had to step back and  decide what to do about the huge space that he had filled in all of our lives, especially Lily’s. Lily was quiet and pensive. Walks were just routine. She slept most of the day and seemed sullen. Janet and I talked about rescuing another dog but finding a good mix for her was challenging at best. Then we found a breeder that lived close by. Janet went to check out the litter just as their eyes were beginning to open. Of course, I got dragged over to take a look. You can look but somehow not leave without wanting to put a deposit down. They were cute but devoid of any personality. We returned weeks later to pick one of them to bring home. Our choice was between two remaining boys, one rather large and one smaller. We chose the smaller boy thinking he would be a better match for Lily and might fit in the already crowded Airstream Argosy. a couple of weeks later we brought him home. Lily was somewhat offended at first trying to stay away from him. This went on for a few weeks. Then exactly on Rio’s May 6th birthday she began to play with Finn. I guess she decided to make the best of it or that Rio’s spirit guided her.
Now they are inseparable. We have gone through the usual bites, scratches, and little sleep that owning a puppy affords. The adventure with labs continues!



Pick it Up! Just because its a dog park…

Pick up after your dog!

Pick up after your dog!

Just because its a dog park, doesn’t mean you don’t have to pick up after your dog. There I was this morning dodging dog turds and becoming really aggravated. By the way, What do you think the biodegradible bags are for? I pick up after my dogs every time! -and sometimes yours when its just too disgusting to leave on the trail.