Kong Wobbler


We heard about the Kong Wobbler from our dog trainer at Finn’s Puppy Class. A good way to keep a bored food obsessed Lab occupied. It worked right out of the package. Finn loves the challenge of getting the kibble out of the small hole in the center of the wobbler. This keeps him entertained for a while. We put a part of his dinner in the wobbler which helps slow his eating down.
Here is the word of caution. If you have anything that might be destroyed by a wobbler it would be wise to remove it. This could be a test for your floors as well. Finn likes to pick his up and drop it. After the initial shock you get kind of use to it.
Raising a puppy can be difficult but the Kong Wobbler makes it easier.
We got ours at the local independent pet bakery Scraps but it is available from Amazon also.

The Kong Classic interactive dog toy deserves a mention as well. This is a good solution to keeping dogs occupied and particularly helpful to puppies that are teething. We like to load them with their favorite treats, bananas, peanut butter, kefir or yogurt and pop them in the freezer to set. A great summer treat and a soothing treat for teething puppies! Available from Amazon or your local pet store.
Kong Classic Dog Toy



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